January 2012

Thaddeus Hogarth with Tomo Fujita

Namm was a blast! I did performances with Eric Gales, Volker Strifler , Matt Schofield and my colleague at Berklee, Tomo Fujita, and quite a few other amazing players. Two Rock makes an amazing guitar amplifier and all of us who use them are part of the big Two Rock family and participated in the all star jam at the Slide Bar on Saturday night.

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Pretty amazing players on stage.  Of note on stage was the amazing Kirk Fletcher, Of course it was a blast to see Bootsy and Verdine and Bernie performing live.  Those of you who attend the Namm show know how crazy it can be with celebs… all in all a great hang and an opportunity to connect with other musical folk..  Now Berklee is back in session so it’s back to business… look out for a couple of new releases from me this year… tons of tunes in the works, I just have to schedule the studio time… soon.. soon.. its a good thing to do over the New England Winter… :)

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Had the amazing honor of having Ernie Isley, from the Isley brothers, join my group for a concert at the David Friend Recital Hall.  Ernie came back to do a residency at Berklee with the liberal arts department (I did some of the interviews with Ernie for the department). I had a concert that week scheduled and he joined us for the whole show. It was a blast! Here are some photos of the event:

MAY 2011

One of the most amazing things for me, as a musician who creates his own art, is when someone creates more art in tribute, or as a result of inspiration from your work.

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I was honored when the amazing Canadian graffiti artist, Brian Gazenzer presented me with a piece that he created from inspiration from listening to my music. I met Brian when he was recently in Boston doing some work. Here is a link to some of his other works:

Amazing piece!

Thanks Brian!

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APRIL 2011

Hi Everyone,
Well, it has been a while since the last update! I have been really busy working behind the scenes finishing up some projects that you will all hear about as they launch.

Here is the quick paragraph update:
I got to spend a lot of time with Ernie Isley, who did a residency at Berklee for a couple of weeks. It was an amazing experience to spend quality time with such an amazing American music legend. I remember back in the day, listening to Ernie and being inspired to play electric guitar.

Many of my students were not aware of the Isley-Hendrix connection or of the significant role of the Isleys in the development of American music. The Isleys were one of my major influences from a songwriting perspective too. Ernie spent some time in my classes and at the end of it all we had a big performance jam session and played everything from Isley tunes, to Zeppelin and Doobie tunes. Very musical cat and what a nice person, humble with wealth of information to share.

Here are some pics from the week:

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 Last but not least, I have the Hendrix tribute CD, “Thaddeus Plays Hendrix” almost complete and ready to be mastered. I will keep you posted on that! It is R&B versions of Hendrix tunes. I have always wanted to do a tribute album of Hendrix tunes, since he was also a huge inspiration in my early days of playing electric guitar. One can hardly expect to perform his songs in a way that would draw comparison, since, obviously, no one did it better than Jimi! However, I am hoping that a respectful twist on the arrangements (some of which were inspired by the arrangements of the late great Gil Evans) and grooves might be an acceptable approach to a respectful tribute to my guitar idol. More on this soon.. we will be doing some shows to celebrate the release hopefully sometime later this year.

Stay well and safe.

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MAY 2010

I was recently interviewed again by Premier Guitar Magazine.

Click below to hear the Amp Room Episode 7 Podcast for Premier Guitar Magazine

      Amp Room Episode 7 Podcast for Premier Guitar Magazine

The subject is THE DUMBLE PHENOMENON and is a discussion about the legendary amplifiers built by Alexander Dumble. I am hardly an authority on the subject, but after reading one of my posts with the same title on my blog, Quest for Tone Premier Guitar asked me for my take on some of the Dumble inspired products that have been getting some attention lately.

It is really quite an interesting subject and I have gotten quite a few emails from folks hearing the podcast. I think we all want to own a Dumble!!!! Maybe someday….

MARCH 2010

We celebrated the release of Michael Palmer’s book with a big show at the Paradise on Feb 16th. Thanks to everyone who came to support the event. The show was called Books and Bands and it was a benefit partnered with Home Base (Red Sox) to help raise $$ for vets of Iraq and Afghanistan. (The star of Michael’s new book is a vet who is suffering from PTSD) It was a great night, we rocked, and in attendance were a lot of other famous authors besides Michael. The list included:

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Lee Child, Tess Gerritsen, Andres Dubus III, William Martin, Joseph Finder, Gary Braver, Mark Vonnegut, Hank Phillippi Ryan, and Sandra Lee. My good friend James Montgomery brought his top notch band to the stage and featured Ayla Brown on a few tunes. Ayla you might remember as one of the finalists on American Idol. Great vocals and a great basketball player too!

Here is the link to the Michael Palmer book trailer. s Right now the theme song is used for the audio book..woohooo!! So run out and grab your copy!

See You soon!!!



I just recently I got a text message from Sinbad (yes, THE Sinbad) who has a copy of my book and wanted to connect to talk guitar. He is really passionate about guitar and has a Fender Stratocaster Deluxe. We hung out for a few hours and I gave him a guitar lesson. Eventually we will be seeing Sinbad doing his musical thing.. stay tuned. Nice cat and really funny..I don’t think I have laughed that much in a while. Check out a couple of these photos.


This has been a great couple of guitar months for me. In December, I took a quick trip to hang with Oz Noy , the Israeli guitarist who is based in New York City. My good friend Danny Ori (bassist) hooked us up. Oz has pretty much changed the way I think about guitar and it was an honor to sit and pick his brain for a couple of hours. It was a great experience. Oz is way cool and above and beyond the fact that he has monstrous guitar chops, he is very very musical and writes great grooves that are fun to play. His soloing incorporates everything we have always wanted to do from the Hendrix stuff to jazz concepts, superimposition, spread triad voicings, octave displacement, even traditional stuff like counterpoint etc etc.

A very very musical cat. For those of you who are not familiar with Oz’s playing check out this video on youtube. Amazing.


Here is wishing you a Happy Holiday Season!

I want to thank each and every one of you for your support through the years.  We celebrated 10 years of jamming groovy tunes with a sold out DVD release show.  The new DVD, Live at Bose II: The DVD, is doing very well and presents the opportunity for fans to feel the energy of the group in the comfort of their homes on their huge flat screen tv’s!!!:)

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Currently in the works is a theme song I produced and co-wrote Daniel Palmer. Daniel is an author and son of Michael Palmer, the well known NY Times best selling author.  Michael Palmer’s 15 works, include the book and movie, Extreme Measures (Gene Hackman, Hugh Grant), you might have read or seen.

The song is the theme song for Michael’s latest novel, (and hopefully another movie:) “The Last Surgeon” (, The book is a thriller which follows the life of Nick Garrity a veteran of the war in Afghanistan, suffering from PTSD and searching for the man who mysteriously disappears, after saving his life during an attack on the base.  He eventually teams up with Jillian Coates, a woman whose sister mysteriously committed suicide. They realize that they have more in common as the plot unfolds….ooooooooo…very cool book…I recommend..a page turner fer sure.

The song was recorded by The Thaddeus Hogarth band, and features Donna McElroy, an amazing R&B/jazz singer and a colleague of mine at Berklee College of Music.  The author, Michael makes a cameo appearance on the track during in the intro and outro. It has an 007 vibe fer sure.  The song will be used for the theme song for the audio book.

The exciting thing about this project is that this has NEVER BEEN DONE BEFORE!…. a best-selling author’s new book with its own theme song included in the marketing campaign.  I think you can guess some of the best case scenarios… more importantly, I am proud of the song and production. It has a HUGE sound.  Working with Daniel (who has been a friend of mine since back in the early 90’s) was a really fun collaboration.  Daniel himself, a musician and songwriter, just landed a historic 3 book deal, so congrats to my buddy, one of the most creative people I know.  We used to hang out back in the day and jam on acoustic guitars and make up lyrics on the fly…I mean, free-styling it on the blues songs.. hours and hours of harmonica playing too… check him out at (

We are celebrating the release of the book on Feb 16th in Boston.. so keep and eye on the gig page for that event.  It will also be a benefit for the Red Sox charity foundation, Home Base, which supports veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan War.  Other authors and celebrities will be in attendance and we will jam a set and play the theme song…



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JUNE 2009

Hi Everyone!

Check out a copy of Guitar Player Magazine June and July to view these feature lesson excerpts from my online course:

July 2009-Guitar Player Magazine
August 2009-Guitar Player Magazine

This is a great opportunity, since this is one of the foremost guitar publications worldwide. Really nice photo too!! :)

APRIL 2009

Live At BoseSorry I have been out of touch for a while. The truth is I have been working like a madman.

December, I found myself in Athens, Greece for a week for clinics, classes and auditions.   Unfortunately we were there for the riots, and we had our agenda’s modified as a result, but we still managed to get a lot of stuff done…  So I guess in addition to sight-seeing photographs of the usual Greek wonders, there were a few shots of burning cars and riot police…. oh and I learned that tear gas still burns your nose long after it has subsided… trivia.  All in all it felt safe enough…

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The new DVD: Live at Bose II: The DVD is ready for official release sometime in the Spring or early Summer, though it is available now on this website. Just Click Here for ordering details and be the first to get it! DVD – Live at Bose.

It really is something to be proud of and includes an amazing special guest vocalist, Robin McKelle (, who is currently topping the charts in Europe.  Lucky for me that we did this project before she became really famous!  We do a duet together and she is one of the most amazing vocalists you will hear for sure….

Footage from the DVD used in submission has already helped Bose win one of the most prestigious design awards for their new and innovative live music system, the L1 model II!

I wrote an instructional guitar book for Berklee Press/Hal Leonard called: Funk/R&B Guitar: Creative Solos, Grooves and Sounds. We had a book release party at my favorite Boston music store, MR MUSIC (   We played a set with just a power trio featuring the amazing David Buda on bass and Joey Scrima on drums.  Nile Rodgers, Spaceman Patterson and Mick Goodrick all had some very flattering things to say about the book and they are quoted on the back… so I am totally jazzed about it.

More news is that the material in the book evolved and developed into my indepth, on-line course for, Funk R&B Guitar )  Upon completion, the course was so rockin’ that as a result, I was chosen to present it to the Trustees of Berkee College of Music. Kinda hard getting up and talking in front of the likes of Paul Simon and Phil Ramone among all of the notable folks in the crowd. I guess they all dug my course!!

This month, the legendary Lee Ritenour (, visited one of my classes so we got to hang and jam and the class picked his brain about some of the concepts he has been using on guitar throughout what is truly an amazing career.  I remember listening to “Captain Fingers” back when I was an up and coming guitarist…truly and honor to jam with such a top notch cat. Real nice guy too!

Berklee is an amazing environment for contemporary music education. We have incredible visiting artists on a regular basis. Also visiting this month was Bernice Johnson Reagon ( the founder of the legendary vocal group, Sweet Honey in the Rock. So I had the good fortune to attend a dinner and thought provoking faculty conversation with this amazing legendary vocalist.

Look out for a guitar lesson in upcoming issues of Guitar Player Magazine.  They will be featuring some excerpts from my book and on-line course..!!!

So keep your eyes on the gig page here on the website for up and coming performances.  We will be doing some in-stores to promote the new stuff so it just might be at a time that might be more convenient for some folks who are not night owls…. I guess one might call that family-friendly concert venues :)

More soon…


JUNE 2008

Well, it has been a very productive winter… yes, I know a lot of you have been writing and saying that I have not been playing out with mygroup much but here a some pretty good excuses …. and don’t worry… that will change … booking some gigs for the summer and fall as we speak!!

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I am finishing up a book “Funk/R&B Guitar: Creative Solos, Grooves and Sounds” for Hal/Leonard Berklee Press. Look out for its arrival in bookstores in the fall.

On the “interesting interaction” topic: I had lunch with Christopher Guest when he came to do a residency at Berklee. He is most notable, in music circles, for his role of Nigel in “Spinal Tap” fame, but his career as a director/actor spans from “Saturday Night Live” to a “Mighty Wind” and “Best in Show” and “Waiting for Guffman” and “The Princess Bride”. Great musician and a nice guy with a british sense of humor. He was presented with an honorary doctorate at a performance with students and faculty that evening.

And as far as THE FUNK goes…. drumroll…. I had the incredible honor of performing with legendary trombonist Fred Wesley (of James Brown and Parliament/Funkadelic, Maceo Parker fame). Kinda cool to be playing “Pass the Peas” and to be sounds like the same trombone player on the original recording…and then realize that it is ?:)

Something for you to look forward to?… Releasing a DVD later this year of a show recorded live at Bose Theatre. Featuring some very special guests and musicians..great quality (slammin!) audio video footage of my group in rare form! Keep an eye out for the release date!

More soon … thanks for all of the support through the year!! THB celebrates it’s 10th anniversary this year!!!!!


April 2006

img_0714Well this picture is good for a much more than a thousand words!!!!… I got to spend time with the master of the jazz chromatic harmonica, Toots Thielemans, after a show here in Boston recently.

One of those impromptu magical evenings… Toots really opened up and shared some great stories from the old days working with jazz giants such as Quincy Jones… after which he gave me a harmonica lesson, offering some of his incredible technique insights!!! Truly an honor to spend quality time with such a wonderfully talented legend and such a nice person… in attendance also was the legendary chromatic harmonica player Mike Turk… who is actually seated on the other side of Toots but did not quite make it into this picture!! Ok I’m gonna practice every thing he told me!!!!…. including Giant Steps in all keys….. every day!!!! Whew!!!!
(photo: Kovel)

January 2006

!!!!BREAKING NEWS!!!! …The new Thaddeus Hogarth CD, “Live at Bose” has just received the 2006 Independent Music Award under the album categaory for R&B/Blues!!!!!! This is my second time getting an Indie Music Award … once in 2001 under the song category for R&B/Blues and now again 2006 for album/cd! … Celebrity judges for the Independent Music Awards this year are Norah Jones, Melissa Etheridge, Joe Perry, Bill Wyman, George Clinton, Jonatha Brooke, Chris Thile, Terence Blanchard, Paquito D’Rivera, Sara Lee, Hubert Sumlin, and Andrew W.K..


Here are a few more details for folks interested:

About The Independent Music Awards:

Unlike any other music industry contest or competition, The Independent Music Awards delivers real career opportunities for Indie artists, labels and releases.

Co-sponsored by Border’s Books & Music, winners of this year’s program are promoted to more than 7 million music fans and industry professionals via print, radio and online promotions.

Winner and Finalists will be featured in the 2006 edition of The Musician’s Atlas, read by music press, talent buyers, label executives, promoters and other industry decision makers. Winning tracks will be available for purchase as digital downloads on the IMA online jukeboxes. The jukeboxes also include clickable links to artist websites. More than 6 million Borders Books and Music customers, music fans and industry pros will be directed to the IMA jukeboxes via targeted promotions throughout the year.

Winners are promoted in print, broadcast and online media campaigns. Their CDs will be available for sale at 10,000 copies of the IMA Winners CD will be distributed to music fans and industry movers and shakers at music conferences, festivals and other events throughout the year. The IMA CD compilation will be promoted to college radio stations throughout North America by leading radio promotion company, The Planetary Group.

Well!!! ….This is a great honor, given the thousands of entries from all over the world. Thanks to the fans for support again through another year!!!!


November 2005

‘Well, the cd release show at Ryles in Cambridge, Mass, was a huge success so thanks to all fans and folks who came by…full house sold out!!! The sound was great thanks to the new technology from Bose and the entire gang from the Live Music Technology division was present including Chief Engineer Ken Jacob who graciously did the intros for the band! I got to meet Meshell Ndegeocello during her residency at Berklee … what great talent!!! One of my colleagues at Berklee, the legendary David Fiuczynski, guitar wizard/innovator and bandleader hosted her appearance at the Berklee Performance Center with a hand picked all star student ensemble. It does not get any funkier that this!!!!!

August 2005

Well folks, would like to thank all of the fans for support as we turn another page to a brand new release, ” Live at Bose”.   Through the years I have had many claim that the energy of the live shows is not represented on the studio cd recordings … well..   Here we are with a live CD that truly captures us in the moment!  This CD was recorded live at the Bose Corporation headquarters in Framingham, Massachusetts.  We used state-of-the-art performance technology developed by Bose.   For technical info on how this was done check out the “Bose” button.


The bottom line is that due to the technology we were able to play a show that allowed us to interact dynamically since the audio, monitoring, and acoustics were at a premium! The rest was as simple as just capturing this moment…I hope you all enjoy this new CD  …  Keep your eyes peeled for press and reviews on this disc during the summer and fall.   Keep checking the schedule for upcoming shows also …

My relationship with Bose continues to grow! … In addition to being a Product Specialist for the new Personalized Amplification System, I am also producing a pretty heavy concert series at the Bose Headquarters in Framingham, Massachusetts …. The series starts in the fall, Sept 22nd and runs every 3 weeks or so until Thursday December 8th … the shows feature some of the big names in Berklee faculty talent!! To find out more and see the line-up and schedule … click here

In the meantime I played a few really cool gigs as a sideman with a couple of top notch talents:

Kenwood Dennard: world class drummer … he has played with everyone from Sting to Miles and George Benson … you have got to check this cat out his bio is as heavy as his playing!!!  Great conversations about philosophy, Buddism, etc … a really groovy cat.

Tony “Thunder Smith :  Currently touring with Lou Reed … played with Jan Hammer, John McLaughlin, Carlos Santana …. one of the most powerful and creative drummers you will ever hear … certainly his show was one of the best I have ever played … seriously groovy with plenty of room for improv … kinda like a late Miles Davis concert!!!

Robin McKelle : Easily one of my favorite singers and soon to be yours! Check her out … she is currently working on a new CD and has performed and toured with many big names and even recently with the Boston Pops.  Every note she sings is a lesson in and of itself!!  I am honored to work with someone so talented and yet soooo cooolll!!!!!

I also had the great pleasure of working with a beautiful and talented singer/songwriter from Liverpool, Jules Ellison.  A 3 song demo turned into a full length CD co-production. Check out the MUSIC button to hear some tracks or purchase the CD. It was a great experience and the CD speaks for itself! It is already starting to get great reviews. (I am especially proud of my guitar work on this!! :) Jules and her band had a big CD release party at the Center For the Arts in Natick, MA and is now booking shows for the fall.  Look out for her in the circuit!

 Thaddeus with Paul & Tatiana Rusesabagina I recently had the honor of meeting Paul Rusesabagina and his wife Tatiana at a ceremony here in Massachusetts.  Paul is the real life inspiration for the movie “Hotel Rwanda” which was a very moving account of the Rwandan genocide and Paul’s role in saving hundreds of lives.

He was on his way to the Oscars (Oscar nominee, Don Cheadle played him in the movie) and stopped off in Massachusetts to receive the “Courage of Conscience Award” at the Peace Abby. There were only about 50 of us in attendance … It was a pretty heavy experience …  I think we could all learn a lot from this man. Things like making the right decisions at the right time even though it may involve risk, personal sacrifice and redefining the reality you have come to know …  for those of you who have not yet seen the movie …  make it first on your list to see next. It will stay with you for a long time …

Certainly one of the high points in my life was meeting all of the cats in the Yellow Jackets, Russell Ferrante, Jimmy Haslip, Bob Mintzer and Marcus Baylor. Russell and Marcus did a residency at Berklee where I teach. I met the rest of the guys at a concert shortly after.  Great music, great band and really nice folks to hang with. Robben Ford, one of my main guitar influences, actually got these guys together 28 years ago to record his first solo album, “The Inside Story” … the vibe was so strong that they stayed together even when Robben moved onto other things … the rest is history! Next Spring Jimmy Haslip and Bob Mintzer are coming to Berklee for a residency so I will definitely get to check these cats out again!!!!

Picked up a GHS endorsement recently in addition to Hohner harmonica) who has me on their website as one of their featured artists. I am still using Groove Tube. Solo 45 amplifiers. I dig the traditional tone…

Keep an eye out for some shows I will be doing with the Boston Horns Big Band (some former colleagues from the HEAVY METAL HORNS)…  I will be doing some gigs with them over the summer .. pretty cool big band arrangements for JIMI HENDRIX tunes. I think this will be a real fun thing to see..I get to be Jimi Hendrix and play my guitar in the context of a jazzy big band … quite frankly, sounds like a beautiful thing to me … best of both worlds!!

More news coming soon … I am involved with producing a couple of cool things, a concert series as well as a video series … check back here and as soon as they get under way, I will update!!! Also (whisper) you may see my ugly mug in a couple of commercials pretty soon …… ok the acting thing was always kind of a passion of mine ….. I mean … just for fun, yknow …..



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