I am weak we are strong

I will end we will go on

I am now but we will be

No one can stop this unity

And we will stay if we can say we are together


Religion, Race, Philosophy

Is no excuse for what I see

This has gone too far. Enough!

We all were born to live in love

One and all should heed the call to come together


The angry smoke the endless tears

The broken hearts that live in fear

It may not be that close to you

But when it is what will you do?

What will it take for you to say let’s come together?


And we believe in living free

Peace, Justice and equality

And no matter what you do

For long you will not hide the truth

We shall prevail we cannot fail if we’re together


And we’ve only just begun

Hearts of many souls of one

And this is my destiny and

I won’t stop ’til you agree

To say it now and say it loud let’s come together


I’m just trying to make you see that

I need you and you need me

Let’s all decide that now’s the time to come together

Today’s the day to come together



Copyright 2001

Thaddeus Hogarth

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