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In My Dreams - Thaddeus Hogarth In My Dreams – DOWNLOAD

The Official Music for the new Single “In My Dreams”  by Thaddeus Hogarth, from the upcoming EP and Album.   Continue


RetroSpecTive - Thaddeus Hogarth

RetroSpecTive   – THUMBDRIVE

Limited edition USB Thumb Drive with Five (5) albums:


  •  When the Sun Comes Down
  •  Trying To Believe
  •  It Might As Well Be Now
  •  Live At Bose
  • Live at Bose DVD   Continue


3'Tudes for Chromatic Harmonica3’Tudes for Chromatic Harmonica – $10.00   —  DOWNLOAD

Three (3) Songs featuring Thaddeus Hogarth on Chromatic Harmonica, along with “Music Minus One” Backing Track without the melody for you to practice and play along. PDF of the Lead-Sheet included.

Features Zac Rochester on Bass, Paul Marcantonio on Drums, Thaddeus Hogarth on Harmonica, Guitar and Keyboards. Includes a PDF of the Lead Sheet/Chord Chart for each song

Listen to Samples

Jazz Melodic Minor Mode Backing TracksJazz Melodic Minor Mode Backing Tracks – $10..00    — DOWNLOAD

Thaddeus Hogarth

Six (6) R&B/Funk Play-A-Long, Backing Tracks designed to help you practice soloing using the modes of the Jazz Melodic Minor: Ionian ♭3, Dorian ♭2, Lydian ♭7, Mixolydian ♭6, Aeolian ♭5, Altered/Superlocrian

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Berklee Chromatic Harmonica Method   (Book)

Foundations for Jazz 


Thaddeus Hogarth
© 2018 Berklee Press

Learn to play the chromatic harmonica! This method will help you to develop the foundations of technique and tone on the instrument, along with sight-reading. You will learn scale/chord construction and licks used in jazz, blues, pop and other styles. Music examples include both traditional notation and a simplified harmonica tablature to help you find notes while you are learning the instrument’s layout. Online audio includes demonstration and play-along tracks.  Continue


FUNK/R&B GuitarFunk/R&B Guitar (Book)

Creative Solos Grooves & Sounds  – $20.00

Thaddeus Hogarth

© 2009 Berklee Press

 Learn deep Funk/R&B Guitar

These hands-on exercises, licks, and technical explanations will help you play in the style of Prince, James Brown, Kool and the Gang, Sly and the Family Stone, Jimi Hendrix, Curtis Mayfield, Soulive, and other great artists, spanning from old school to contemporary Funk/R&B grooves. The CD features demonstration and practice tracks, played by the  Continue



TRIBUTE (CD)  – $12.00
Thaddeus Hogarth

© 2013 Higher Grounds Records

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TRIBUTE is an homage to Thaddeus’ childhood guitar hero, Jimi Hendrix. Featuring David Buda on Bass and Joey Scrima on drums. Thaddeus plays guitar, sings and plays all guitars and keyboards, backing vocals and harmonica on this release.The CD Features 5 of Hendrix’s tunes and 4 original interludes inspired by his music, all arranged in Thaddeus’ R&B/Funk genre. Very Limited pressing so buy yours now!


Live At Bose DVD

Live At Bose ll – The DVD – $25.00  DVD
© 2009 Mad Fad Music,
BMI. Higher Ground Records

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Ken Jacob, Director of Advanced Development Bose Professional Systems Division says:

“No one of us was too surprised when Thaddeus Hogarth won the 2006 Independent Music Award for Best R&B Album with Live at Bose (2005, Higher Ground Records). Everyone I know who heard it thought it was a fabulous performance and recording.  Continue


Live At Bose CD

Live At BoseDOWNLOAD– $15.00  

©2005 Mad Fad Music

Listen to samples

The new long awaited live release from Thaddeus and his band! Recorded on location at the Bose Corporation Performance Theatre in Framingham, Massachusetts, this CD finally captures the live energy of the group! The recording was made possible with the Bose Personal Amplification System ™ a revolutionary system created by Bose to enhance live performance while eliminating many of the traditional problems associated with live recordings. This release contains 6 new original tunes and 4 favorites!


It Might As Well Be Now – DOWNLOAD


©2003 Higher grounds Records

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New enhanced release from the award winning Boston singer/songwriter. Conscious lyrics over solid funk-rock/R&B grooves laced with B3, Wah-Wah guitar and chromatic harmonica. Guest appearance by legendary reggae star, Grammy nominee, Sister Carol.



Trying to Believe – $15.00

©2001 Spinning Records

Listen to Samples

Second award winning (Best R&B/Blues 2001:Indie Music Awards) solo release from Thaddeus Hogarth, the Boston based singer/song writer/guitarist . A collection of solid timeless songwriting in the R&B/Funk-Rock Genre featuring the bass work of Boston Pops bass virtuoso, David Buda and former LA session ace drummer, Joey Scrima. Features Thaddeus on Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards, Talk-Box and Chromatic Harmonica. Influences and comparisons range through artists such as Gil Scott Heron, Curtis Mayfield, Lenny Kravitz, Ben Harper, Stevie Wonder, Bill Withers, Bob Marley. Groovy tunes with a profound message.


When The Sun Comes DownWhen the Sun Goes Down – $15.00
©1999 Higher Grounds Records

Listen to Samples

Self Produced solo cd from former singer/songwriter for Boston’s award winning band, The Heavy Metal Horns (Polystar/Danger). A year in the making and released to rave reviews, this recording captures the more intimate, soulful and political side of Thaddeus’ funk savvy and songwriting. Contains nine original cuts and one acoustic cover of Stevie Wonder’s ‘Big Brother’ (Talking Book). Features Thaddeus as a multi-instrumentalist with a group of world class musicians (band members formerly with Frank Sinatra, Phil Collins, Gino Vanelli, Smokey Robinson, Taylor Dane, to name a few). The final result is a recording that sounds like a complete work, very reminiscent of the 70’s in production/songwriting, as well as instrumentation (Fender Rhodes, Hammond B3, Clavinet, chromatic harmonica, wah-wah guitar and Talk-box).


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