I didn’t want it, I never needed it,

to share the condition, of the human affliction

And we can’t get enough of it but it’s all too much

But they keep on coming; have you had enough?

(I thought that you would be the last x4)

No more lessons, Lessons learned

No more bridges, bridges burned

And you know from the start of it

That it ends this way

Did you want any part of it

Well its hard to say…

(I had my reason)

Chorus repeated to fade…

Break it to me gently

It’s been a long day

Seen some things along the way

So I ain’t got nothin’, nothin to say but

Is it really worth it? The price you pay…

So many ways,

So many days

And we can’t get enough of it

But it’s all too much

It’s the brightest sunshine tho’ it feels like rain

But the truth is the truth and it’s really all the same

DO what you have to do…

Copyright 2019

Thaddeus Hogarth