©2022 T Hogarth

There is a SONG that’s in my heart and it’s for you.

And it SINGS to all the things that we’ve been through

Through all the TIMES you turned away

And the CHOICES made to stay

When to PERSEVERE was all that we could do

If we TAKE a look at where we are today

And REMEMBER every step along the way

And if we PRACTICE what is true

Then One day SOON your actions will be a

REFLECTION of the things you say

So I will love you anyway

With my OPEN arms I pledge it all to you

Because I DO believe one day you will come through

With EVERYTHING you’re asking for, I will give you even more

Then I’ll ASK you “What else can I do for you?”

We have COME this far together through the years

And TOGETHER we will rise above our fears

And we will NOT give up the fight

We BELIEVE in what is right

And it is WORTH the price you have to pay

So I will love you anyway


I will love you through the hurt and through the sorrow

I will love you through the broken hearted tears

I will love you with the hope of new tomorrows

I will LOVE because it’s still ok to dream…

And even THOUGH, at times, we all may go astray

On BENDED knee for guidance we will pray

With the PRIZE within our sights

We only MARCH towards the light

And keep on LIVING for that brighter day

Yes I will love you anyway