You taught him early to recite every line
And then one day he said to your surprise
“If I had a wish, I know just who I would be
Everybody’s got a day, ain’t nothin left for me, so tell me
Why is life that way?”
Why can’t I be Sunday’s Child
I wish I was Sunday’s Child
Sunday’s Child
Woke up this morning in the middle of a fight, how can you
Ship me off to school when you keep me up all night
You tell me It’s cool, But I know something just ain’t right
I wish I had a day that we could keep it out of sight, and take it
Take it all away
I wish I was Sunday’s Child
Will you let me be Sunday’s Child
Sunday’s Child
Early Christmas morning down the stairs he creeps
Over by the tree pitter patter little feet
Don’t want no toys and he don’t want no sweets
He just wants a day but this time for keeps, and make it
Make it stay always
He wants to be Sunday’s Child
Will you let him be Sunday’s Child
Sunday’s Child.
copyright @1995
Thaddeus Hogarth